Man Is by Nature a Political AnimalEvolution, Biology, and Politics

Man Is by Nature a Political AnimalEvolution, Biology, and Politics

Peter K. Hatemi and Rose McDermott

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226319094

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


This book brings together a diverse group of contributors to examine the ways in which evolutionary theory and biological research are increasingly informing analyses of political behavior. Focusing on the theoretical, methodological, and empirical frameworks of a variety of biological approaches to political attitudes and preferences, the authors consider a wide range of topics, including the comparative basis of political behavior, the utility of formal modeling informed by evolutionary theory, the genetic bases of attitudes and behaviors, psychophysiological methods and research, and the wealth of insight generated by recent research on the human brain. Through this approach, the book reveals the biological bases of many previously unexplained variances within the extant models of political behavior.

Table of Contents


Peter K. Hatemi Rose McDermott

1 Evolution as a Theory For Political Behavior

Peter K. Hatemi Rose McDermott

2 Political Primates

Darby Proctor Sarah Brosnan

6 Genes, Games, and Political Participation

James H. Fowler Peter J. Loewen Jaime Settle Christopher T. Dawes

7 The Mind-Body Connection

Kevin B. Smith John R. Hibbing

8 Hormones and Politics

Rose McDermott

9 Testosterone and the Biology of Politics

Coren L. Apicella David A. Cesarini

11 Conclusion

Peter K. Hatemi Rose McDermott

End Matter