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Integrating Culture and Politics

Integrating Culture and Politics

(p.212) Chapter 8 Integrating Culture and Politics
Cultural Dilemmas of Progressive Politics
University of Chicago Press

What kind of relationships between culture and progressive politics are possible and desirable? This chapter first clarifies this question by examining its context—the increased salience of cultural themes within late twentieth-century American politics—and distinguishing between two different senses in which politics can be cultural. Then it presents some suggestions for how the cultural dimension of progressive politics could be enriched. As the data indicate, progressives can choose their issues and modes of discourse independently. A focus on economic issues need not imply a culturally anemic way of doing politics. In fact, the importance of expansive discourse and lively cultural practices is arguably greater in the economic realm.

Keywords:   progressive politics, American politics, discourse, cultural practice, culture and politics, economic issues

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