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Chapter Five Howard and Beyond

Chapter Five Howard and Beyond

(p.142) Chapter Five Howard and Beyond
Alain L. Locke
University of Chicago Press

Alain L. Locke's personal growth would vex and enrich him, as the long maturation preceding his Howard University appointment continued, though deepened in tone and substance. The 1920s were to be one of the most storied of American decades, and for Locke they were to unveil some of his most resounding triumphs. His ability to conceive of “colossal” projects persisted, driving him energetically to increase his learning, use his skills, and shape his sense of worth and purpose. It was in the emotional aftermath of his mother's death that Locke prepared his first will. Never physically robust, he may have acted out of both grief and premonition. In any case, he named Helen Irvin Grossley as his executrix; she had been a supervisor in the Camden schools where she and Mary Locke formed a fast friendship.

Keywords:   Alain L. Locke, Howard University, Helen Irvin Grossley, Camden schools, Mary Locke

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