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Policy Change after Reform

Policy Change after Reform

(p.166) Six Policy Change after Reform
Doctors and Demonstrators
Drew Halfmann
University of Chicago Press

This chapter explains the differences across the three countries in abortion policies. It is argued here that the degree to which political parties addressed the abortion issue was one of the main determinants of differences in abortion policies, but there were other determinants as well. Agenda control and nonpartisan policy processes helped British and Canadian policy makers avoid the abortion issue, while federalism and judicial policy making increased access points and controversy in the United States. Medical associations defended abortion rights and sought the expansion of abortion services in Britain and Canada but sought to avoid the issue in the United States. Finally, two major changes in Canadian policy were prompted by institutional changes outside of abortion politics—the changing nature of Canadian federalism and the enactment of a new Canadian bill of rights.

Keywords:   abortion policies, political parties, agenda control, policy processes, federalism, policy making, medical associations, Canadian federalism, Canadian bill of rights

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