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Abortion Services

Abortion Services

(p.100) (p.101) Four Abortion Services
Doctors and Demonstrators
Drew Halfmann
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the organization, funding, and quality of abortion services in each country in the years following their respective reforms. By quality, the author refers to factors such as safety, waiting times, cost, proximity, physical and emotional comfort, dignity, and privacy. The discussion here is divided into two periods: implementation, which refers to the establishment of the main outlines of abortion provision during the first several years after reforms, and post-implementation, which refers to the forty years of policy making after that. The reforms themselves were silent about many aspects of abortion provision, and many developments were both unintended and unforeseen. The main difference between the countries was the development of single-purpose abortion clinics in the United States and Britain, but not in Canada. Such clinics allowed women to bypass reluctant and sometimes obstructionist doctors and hospitals.

Keywords:   abortion services, reforms, funding, safety, abortion provision, single-purpose abortion clinics, obstructionist doctors

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