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A Dream

A Dream

(p.140) Chapter Twelve A Dream
Shylock Is Shakespeare
Kenneth Gross
University of Chicago Press

In this chapter, the author narrates a dream scenario where he is sitting in the orchestra of an old theater, close to the stage. The audience is called to attention by a sound from the pit. The curtain rises on a street scene, a city square surrounded by tall, precariously raised buildings joined together at a height by frail bridges. From a narrow alley, an old man enters, dressed in rags, hunchbacked and shrunken, a gargoyle cracked free from its perch. He walks uneasily, doubtful of finding his way, kneeling down now and then to write with his fingers on the paving stones. A message is being sent to the author as he sits in the audience. The courier is waiting for the play to end, pacing back and forth in the lobby, longing to break through into the darkened auditorium, to run down the aisle and find the author where he sits, whispering a message from the actor onstage; he has invited the author back to his dressing room when the play is over for they are old friends and have not seen each other in years.

Keywords:   theather, stage, dream scenario, actor

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