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A Social Portrait of Conservative Christians

A Social Portrait of Conservative Christians

(p.91) Six A Social Portrait of Conservative Christians
The Truth about Conservative Christians
University of Chicago Press

Stereotypes about Conservative Protestants abound. Religious issues aside, they are pigeonholed as Southern, uneducated gun owners who live in trailers parks or at least far from town. This chapter draws a social portrait of Conservative Protestants and other religious traditions from data on where each lives, the race and ethnicity of members, marriage and family patterns, education, socioeconomic status, and key habits and activities. It shows that Conservative Protestants are everywhere—though they are more Southern than other groups. They are whiter because segregation split them from the Afro–American Protestant churches with whom they share most religious precepts and practices. They are also slightly more likely to be married, less educated, and less affluent than many other groups. Most behavioral differences between Conservative Protestants and others reflect these differences of geography, education, and income.

Keywords:   Conservative Protestants, whites, religion, geography, education, income, Southerners

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