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Freedom, Inequality, and Conservative Christianity

Freedom, Inequality, and Conservative Christianity

(p.76) Five Freedom, Inequality, and Conservative Christianity
The Truth about Conservative Christians
University of Chicago Press

This chapter explores the issues of freedom and equality. Across the board, religious differences in both nationalist and egalitarian values are modest differences of degree. Conservative Protestants are neither extreme in their views of the U.S. place in the world nor ignorant of differences between rich and poor at home. They are nationalistically inclined more than other groups, to a degree and significantly more militaristic. Most important, though, is the way that the differences that exist in the economic worldviews of Conservative Protestants affect their politics. Aside from the income divide that makes working-class and struggling Conservative Protestants far closer to the Democrats, while affluent Conservative Protestants join other affluent Americans in forming the current Republican base, there is also an ideological cleavage that not only corresponds exactly to the material divide but also amplifies it. The political gap between egalitarian and libertarian is wider even than the political gap between those who would gain from redistribution and those who would pay for it.

Keywords:   Conservative Christians, religious differences, Conservative Protestants, nationalism, egalitarian, libertarian, political gap, freedom, equality, inequality

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