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Conservative Christians in American Politics

Conservative Christians in American Politics

(p.39) Three Conservative Christians in American Politics
The Truth about Conservative Christians
University of Chicago Press

Conservative Christians are the center of attention when the discussion turns to values. But their voting priorities and internal divisions are widely and wildly misunderstood. For while Conservative Christians do indeed weigh issues like abortion and homosexuality when making a choice between political parties or candidates, they are also very sensitive to economic concerns. This chapter presents convincing evidence that economic interests sharply divide Conservative Christians—maybe even more than other Americans. The chapter also raises several other issues relevant to stereotypes about and critiques of Conservative Protestants. It looks for evidence of greater racial prejudice and finds none; it looks for other kinds of intolerance and finds some. It assesses the election night paradigm of red states and blue states and finds that religious composition of states is a big part of that story. Throughout two kinds of differences are addressed—those between Conservative Protestants and Americans with other religion or no religion and those that divide Conservative Protestants from one another.

Keywords:   voting, religion, economic interests, Conservative Protestants, racial prejudice, intolerance, election night, red states, blue states, religion

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