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(p.178) Thirteen Conclusions
The Truth about Conservative Christians
University of Chicago Press

This study of Conservative Christians began with the intention of exploring the social and demographic condition of these Christians and with the hope of ascertaining whether conservative religious belief necessarily correlated with conservative political orientation. It finds that approximately a fifth of white Americans belong to the denominations that might legitimately be categorized as conservative. Roughly half of that fifth were strictly “evangelical” in the sense that they believed in the literal, word-for-word inerrancy of the Bible. The Conservative Protestants were more likely to be from the South and somewhat less likely to have pursued a college education. But these differences were not large. The political cartoonists' images of uneducated “rednecks” from the South miss their mark badly; it is not only offensive but inaccurate.

Keywords:   Conservative Protestants, Conservative Christians, religious belief, political orientation, evangelical, Bible

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