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Conservative Christians and Catholics

Conservative Christians and Catholics

Too Estranged for Alliance

(p.172) Twelve Conservative Christians and Catholics
The Truth about Conservative Christians
University of Chicago Press

This chapter addresses the question of whether anti-Catholic sentiments among Conservative Christians still persist. It examines two slurs—Catholics are not permitted to think for themselves and the Rosary is a superstitious devotion. About a third of Americans who are not Catholic accept the two slurs, another third refuse to either agree or disagree, and a final third reject them. Denial of Catholic freedom to think correlates significantly only with two variables—South and Conservative Christian. When the same battery is applied to the Rosary, women are more likely to reject the charge that the Rosary is superstitious and Southerners and Conservative Protestants continue to be less likely than other Americans to reject it. Among the Conservative Protestants, the Pentecostals are even more inclined to accept the anti-Catholic stereotypes.

Keywords:   anti-Catholic sentiments, Conservative Protestants, Rosary, Pentecostals, Catholics

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