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The Equality of Men and Women

The Equality of Men and Women

(p.75) The Equality of Men and Women
Apology for the Woman Writing and Other Works
University of Chicago Press

Here Marie le Jars de Gournay talks about the equality of men and women, arguing that most of those who take up the cause of women, opposing the arrogant preference for themselves that is asserted by men, give them full value for money, for they redirect the preference to them. For her part, Gournay is content to make women equal to men, given that nature, too, is as greatly opposed, in this respect, to superiority as to inferiority. Plato and Socrates attribute to women the same rights, faculties, and functions in their Republics, and everywhere else. If women attain less often than men to the heights of excellence, it is a marvel that the lack of good education—indeed, the abundance of outright and blatantly bad education—does not do worse and prevent them from doing so entirely.

Keywords:   Marie Gournay, equality, women, Plato, Socrates, excellence, education

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