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The Promenade of Monsieur de Montaigne—for Himself

The Promenade of Monsieur de Montaigne—for Himself

(p.33) The Promenade of Monsieur de Montaigne—for Himself
Apology for the Woman Writing and Other Works
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The Promenade of Monsieur de Montaigne is a work of fiction that delivers the standard elements in profusion, beginning with an exotic setting (ancient Persia) and a beautiful princess (Alinda) menaced with arranged marriage. The main action then gets underway with a desperate love affair, an elopement, and a shipwreck on the shores of barbarous Thrace. After passing through a complex amorous intrigue involving a lustful Thracian lord and his unscrupulous sister, the tale concludes with the bloody suicides of both the heroine and the husband who has betrayed her (Leontin). In this book, Marie le Jars de Gournay makes several provocative contributions—much against the grain of the genre, which tended to wallow in standard female (and male) stereotypes—so as to produce a text that may fairly be labeled feminist in its broad trajectory, as well as in significant particulars.

Keywords:   Marie Gournay, Monsieur de Montaigne, Persia, princess, arranged marriage, love affair, Thrace, suicides, shipwreck, elopement

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