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The Printer to the Reader1

The Printer to the Reader1

(p.27) The Printer to the Reader1
Apology for the Woman Writing and Other Works
University of Chicago Press

This note of the “printer,” which was varied revealingly in subsequent editions, is certainly by Marie le Jars de Gournay herself. According to the printer, it was several years ago that this book was sent to the late Monsieur de Montaigne (Michel de Montaigne) by Gournay, his adoptive daughter. It has been found among his papers since his death, and Messieurs his relations had it brought to the author because they thought it worthy of seeing the light and capable of doing honor to the deceased—if anything can be added to the glory of such a great and divine personage.

Keywords:   Michel de Montaigne, Marie Gournay, printer

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