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Taxation Reform in Latin America in the Last Decade

Taxation Reform in Latin America in the Last Decade

(p.327) 9 Taxation Reform in Latin America in the Last Decade
Latin American Macroeconomic Reforms
Vito Tanzi
University of Chicago Press

Many of the Latin American countries that have faced macroeconomic difficulties and that have chosen to go to the International Monetary Fund for fund-supported programs have placed particular importance on the objective of raising revenue. However, at times, this objective has been pursued or achieved at the cost of simplification or of equity improvement. Several Latin American countries have been only partially successful in raising the level of taxation in neutral and equitable ways. But many countries succeeded in raising their tax levels. This chapter, which reviews some of the major developments in taxation that have occurred in Latin America over the last decade, is organized as follows. Section 9.2 identifies the major factors that have influenced tax developments in Latin America. Section 9.3 considers major developments in tax systems. Section 9.4 discusses distinctive features of the Latin American tax reform efforts, and Section 9.5 discusses some developments in tax administration. Section 9.6 draws some conclusions.

Keywords:   taxes, tax policy, tax systems, tax reform

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