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Epilogue: the Covenant With Black America

Epilogue: the Covenant With Black America

(p.151) Epilogue: the Covenant With Black America
In a Shade of Blue
University of Chicago Press

This book has attempted to demonstrate how pragmatism helps sort out some of the more troublesome conceptual problems confronting African American politics, and, in so doing, has emphasized the importance of experimentalism, asserted a profound faith in the capacities of everyday folk, and insisted that democracy be understood as a way of life. But its principle aim has been to clear the underbrush—to open the way for a more inspired form of African American politics animated by a profound commitment to democracy. The chapter holds the view that much of contemporary African American politics suffers from a woeful lack of imagination. In 2006, in conjunction with the State of the Black Union in Houston, Texas, Tavis Smiley, the powerful and prophetic African American media personality, released a book entitled The Covenant with Black America. The book emerged out of discussions about defining the agenda of black America and took up ten important issues confronting the nation's African Americans.

Keywords:   black America, African Americans, pragmatism, politics, democracy, Tavis Smiley, Black America

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