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Species along a Gradient

Species along a Gradient

(p.160) Chapter Nine Species along a Gradient
Patterns In Nature
James G. SandersonStuart L. Pimm
University of Chicago Press

We extend these ideas to species along an elevation gradient. The hypothesis is that along gradients, one species will replace another similar one at some perhaps arbitrary point. For example, one congener might occur below 1,000 m meansea level and the other only above 1,000 m. We present a case history to test this example. A second hypothesis is that there is some narrow band of, say, elevations where there is a general turnover in species. That is, several species may occur below 1,000 m and several only above 1,000 m. We test that idea too. There is evidence for the first hypothesis, but not the second.However, these ideas merit further testing on other comparable data.

Keywords:   checkerboard, community, co-occurrence, gradient, herptofauna, hypergeometric, null model

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