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The Birds of the Bismarck and Solomon Islands

The Birds of the Bismarck and Solomon Islands

(p.146) Chapter Eight The Birds of the Bismarck and Solomon Islands
Patterns In Nature
James G. SandersonStuart L. Pimm
University of Chicago Press

We return to the Bismarck and Solomon islands, the locations that generated Diamond’s ideas on assembly rules. The null models generate a list of species pairs where the number of observed co-occurrences is unusual, meaning that thisoccurs in fewer than 5% of the null models. As Diamond’s critics had argued, interspecific competition is unlikely to generate some of these unusual pairs—they are ecologically and taxonomically very dissimilar. We show, however, that such unusual pairs are disproportionately common in pairs that belong to the same genus—exactly the pattern one would predict.

Keywords:   archipelago, avifauna, birds, checkerboard, co-occurrence, congener, guild, incidence, island, null model, overlap, spatial pattern, taxonomic sieving

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