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Vanuatu and the Galápagos

Vanuatu and the Galápagos

(p.117) Chapter Seven Vanuatu and the Galápagos
Patterns In Nature
James G. SandersonStuart L. Pimm
University of Chicago Press

We reconsider the birds of the islands of Vanuatu and the Galápagos. The former have few pairs of species belonging to the same genus—and it is within such pairs that we are most likely to find checkerboard patterns of mutual exclusion. We do not find them. In the Galápagos, there are many congeneric species sets. These patterns of co-occurrence are striking once one considers the bill sizes of the species involved. The unusually few co-occurrences are between species with the most similar bills. Moreover, where similar species do co-occur, they show character displacement. The bills of the smaller of the pairs are smaller, and the bills of the larger of the pairs are larger, than where the species do not overlap.

Keywords:   archipelago, avifauna, checkerboard, community, guild, incidence, null model, pattern, taxonomic sieving

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