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The Response of Connor and Simberloff

The Response of Connor and Simberloff

(p.45) Chapter Three The Response of Connor and Simberloff
Patterns In Nature
James G. SandersonStuart L. Pimm
University of Chicago Press

In this chapter, we present the backlash from Connor and Simberloff. In a series of papers, they argued that Diamond’s assembly rules were poorly constructed and that, moreover, his observations did not support them. We agree that, with hindsight, Diamond could have expressed his rules more concisely, but at their core are two powerful assertions about which species occur where. Finally, we take exception to the methods Connor and Simberloff employed. Certainly, they made an important contribution to the study of ecological patterns by requiring observed distributions to be compared to carefully constructed null hypotheses. Their methods, however, needed substantial revision.

Keywords:   absence, assembly rules, checkerboard, competition, hypothesis, metric, null model, pair, presence, random

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