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Diamond’s Assembly Rules

Diamond’s Assembly Rules

(p.16) Chapter Two Diamond’s Assembly Rules
Patterns In Nature
James G. SandersonStuart L. Pimm
University of Chicago Press

We present Diamond’s assembly rules. We do so by setting the historical context first, by introducing MacArthur and the exciting research program he envisioned. We then consider the islands and the birds that Diamond studied, and finally the rules themselves. Diamond concentrated on birds in two island groups off New Guinea—the Solomons and the Bismarcks. There is a considerable amount of relevant natural history. Even more information has appeared since. In brief, Diamond suggested that similar species avoid each other, choosing different islands or, on large islands, different elevations within an island, for no better explanation than to avoid each other.

Keywords:   assembly rule, checkerboard, combination, competition distribution, guild, invader, niche, pattern, resource utilization

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