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Becoming a Philosopher

Becoming a Philosopher

(p.1) Introduction Becoming a Philosopher
Nietzsche's Journey to Sorrento
Paolo D’Iorio
University of Chicago Press

The journey to Sorrento is not only Nietzsche’s first great journey abroad, his first great journey to the South, but the decisive rupture in his life and the development of his philosophy. It happens in 1876, at a time when Nietzsche is suffering from serious moral and physical pain. His health is in decline; powerful neuralgias keep him bedridden at least once a week with unbearable migraines. It is also the time of an intellectual reassessment. At the age of thirty-two, Nietzsche begins to regret having accepted so young, too young perhaps, the professorship at Basel that he has held for seven years and which begins, now, to weigh upon him. Even more serious, the passion of his commitment as a Wagnerian propagandist is yielding gradually to disenchantment and doubt....

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