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Third Diary

Third Diary

(p.148) {SIX} Third Diary
The City at Its Limits
University of Chicago Press

In this diary, the author reflects on the people and the landscape of Lima, as well as the indolence, the selfishness, the abuse, and the pain that seems to have taken over every space at every moment. She heard about the government's harassment tactics against all election candidates of the opposition. There have been many other complaints, especially by Lima Mayor Alberto Andrade. The author also describes her experience watching bullfighting and Georges Bataille's views on the sport, the demonstrations by ESMLL workers together with some members of SITRAMUN at the offices of SETAME (Metropolitan Taxi Service, run by the Municipalidad), and Bataille's understanding of sovereignty and taboo.

Keywords:   Alberto Andrade, Lima, indolence, opposition, bullfighting, Georges Bataille, demonstrations, sovereignty, taboo

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