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Second Diary

Second Diary

(p.89) {FOUR} Second Diary
The City at Its Limits
University of Chicago Press

In this diary, the author reflects on Georges Bataille's ideas on animality from his Theory of Religion and how they are applicable to Lima. The negation of our animality, says Bataille, is at times so drastic that the rules concerning the basest aspects of our humanity are seldom the object of our attention, for the mere affirmation of the taboo is deemed or is experienced as a transgression. This transgression is evident in the street sweepers' protests in Lima, along with the tension they produced in the media between the compulsion to silence their public stripping and the compulsion to speak of it in order to explain it away as a “technique” of protest or as a government-backed staged performance for political gain. Roberto Mendieta, a professor at Universidad Católica, implied that the street sweepers' demonstrations were part of President Alberto Fujimori's filthy tricks against Lima Mayor Alberto Andrade.

Keywords:   Alberto Fujimori, Alberto Andrade, Lima, street sweepers, demonstrations, Georges Bataille, transgression, animality

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