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First Diary

First Diary

(p.24) {TWO} First Diary
The City at Its Limits
University of Chicago Press

In this diary, the author reflects on the developments in Lima under the administration of Mayor Alberto Andrade. Waves of assaults, robberies, kidnappings, and rapes are once again sweeping through the city. An older woman, one of the street sweepers who staged demonstrations against the government, partially undresses to express her protest. The connection between nakedness and death, whether it is murder or suicide, is explicitly made by Georges Bataille. Bataille's most thorough examination of the relation between nakedness and death takes place in the context of what he calls eroticism. In Lima, Andrade's urban renewal campaign is quickly fizzling, mainly because President Alberto Fujimori has made it a priority to destroy him as a viable future presidential candidate.

Keywords:   Alberto Fujimori, Alberto Andrade, Lima, street sweepers, demonstrations, nakedness, Georges Bataille, eroticism, death, urban renewal

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