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Brekete Pantheon

Brekete Pantheon

(p.13) Brekete Pantheon
Remains of Ritual
University of Chicago Press

The Brekete shrine in Ghana features northern gods dancing at a triennial cow sacrifice. There are major and minor gods. The major gods are Kunde (father and hunter); Ablewa/Tseriya (Mother); Sanya Kompo (God of the stone, linguist and secretary); Bangle/Ketetsi (warrior and soldier); Sakra Bode (god of the land and Bangle's stool); and Wango (god of the waters and roads). The minor gods, all of which work with Bangle, are Tsengé (god of the seven knives), Gediya (policeman), and Surugu (lieutenant).

Keywords:   Brekete shrine, Ghana, gods, sacrifice, Kunde, Bangle, Tsengé, Gediya, Surugu, Sanya Kompo

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