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“In Search of Health”: Invalids Abroad

“In Search of Health”: Invalids Abroad

(p.113) 3 “In Search of Health”: Invalids Abroad
Invalidism and Identity in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Maria H. Frawley
University of Chicago Press

This chapter uncovers and assesses the rhetorical strategies that invalid authors use in their efforts to represent themselves as English men, as travelers, and as invalids. Henry Matthews's popular Diary of an Invalid provides an especially compelling look at the confluence of these three dimensions of identity, and they converge as well in Lord Albert Denison's Wanderings in Search of Health, issued in 1849 for private circulation, W. B. Aspinall's San Remo as a Winter Residence (1865), and C. Home Douglas's Searches for Summer, published in 1874. Later in the century, John Addington Symonds's essays on his experiences at the Swiss health resort of Davos, collected in the volume Our Life in the Highlands, reveal critical differences between Symonds's public identity as an invalid tourist and his more private understanding of himself as invalid that occupied his attention in the more confessional, unpublished autobiography.

Keywords:   invalid authors, Henry Matthews, Diary, identity, Albert Denison, John Addington Symonds

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