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Alexander Nehamas’s Nietzsche

Alexander Nehamas’s Nietzsche

(p.139) 6 Alexander Nehamas’s Nietzsche
Robert B. Pippin
University of Chicago Press

This chapter is a discussion of the legacy of Alexander Nehamas’s 1985 book, Nietzsche: Life as Literature. I concentrate on his basic claim, that “Nietzsche’s model for the world, for objects, and for people turns out to be the literary text and its components; his model for our relation to the world turns out to be interpretation.” The criticisms of this notion that I raise have to do with whether this “model” accounts for the way Nietzsche understands self-knowledge and self-realization. I note as well the dangers of too aestheticized a view of Nietzsche’s enterprise.

Keywords:   self-affirmation, herd morality, Zarathustra, Goethe, Shakespeare, narration, Marcel Proust, mastery, Ressentiment, Socrates

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