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Wedding Ambivalence

Wedding Ambivalence

(p.134) 6 Wedding Ambivalence
We Were Adivasis
Megan Moodie
University of Chicago Press

Chapter Six explores the meanings of marriage and weddings, including samuhikvivaha, for the young women who are its intended beneficiaries. Looking at such forms of collective aspiration through the eyes of young women on the verge of marriage, this chapter shows how marriage is ensconced as a horizon of possibility that replaces all other modern goals such as education and employment, while at the same time describing the deep ambivalence that young women sometimes articulate about this horizon via their stories about love and education. It proposes that ambivalence be seen as a strategy of girls to keep themselves open to the possibility that their lives might be otherwise and as a methodological framing important to a feminist ethnography that tries to adequately portray girls’ complex positioning within their family, community, and country.

Keywords:   women, marriage, ambivalence, feminist, ethnography, subaltern speech

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