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Who Are the Dhanka?

Who Are the Dhanka?

(p.28) 2 Who Are the Dhanka?
We Were Adivasis
Megan Moodie
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the difficulties created by the tribal role that groups such as the Dhanka must occupy in order to be able to claim state affirmative action benefits and protections in India as a Scheduled Tribe. One of the central ways in which the problem of indigenous identity is solved is through the writing of their own histories that let mutually contradictory accounts of Dhanka origins coexist, a strategy that has important implications for the writing of subaltern history. The chapter presents its own speculative and partially imaginativestory, tracing the Dhankas’ probable historical trajectory from communities of mobile Bhils in southern Rajasthan and northern Gujarat to urban-settled Scheduled Tribe in Rajasthan.

Keywords:   identity, tribe, indigeneity, India, subaltern history, Rajasthan, Bhil, affirmative action, Dhanka

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