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A Cult of “Science”

A Cult of “Science”

(p.57) 2 A Cult of “Science”
Authors of the Storm
Gary Alan Fine
University of Chicago Press

What does it mean to be a meteorological scientist and how is this claim linked to the microculture of groups of meteorologists? Forecasters are assigned different tasks and define their occupation in various ways. Having examined three local offices of the National Weather Service, this chapter argues that any orientation toward science and work is created by groups with their own shared pasts. Local conditions matter. By examining the office culture at the Chicago office, their impressions of other offices, and those offices' images of the Chicago office, it is argued that the relationship between particular work tasks and occupational identity varies, an outcome of tradition, resources, and organizational structure.

Keywords:   meteorological scientist, meteorologists, weather forecasters, work tasks, occupational identity

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