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Philosophical Hermeneutics

Philosophical Hermeneutics

Reassessing the Tradition in Relation to Dilthey and Heidegger

(p.13) Chapter 1 Philosophical Hermeneutics
Orientation and Judgment in Hermeneutics
Rudolf A. Makkreel
University of Chicago Press

Chapter 1 highlights some often neglected aspects of the history of hermeneutics in order to indicate various ways in which hermeneutics and philosophy have been intertwined. The main focus of this chapter will be to characterize the distinctive ways in which Dilthey and Heidegger bring philosophical considerations to bear on hermeneutics. The usual way of contrasting Dilthey’s approach as a methodological/ epistemological extension of traditional hermeneutics and Heidegger’s as initiating a philosophical ontological hermeneutics will be revised. Dilthey makes an important distinction between the cognition and knowledge. The cognitive contributions of the human sciences to historical understanding are indeed subject to methodological standards, but they merely prepare the way for a reflective knowledge of history that involves its normative assessment.

Keywords:   cognition, knowledge, Dilthey, Heidegger, temporality, history

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