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Religious Freedom in Postrevolutionary Tunisia

Religious Freedom in Postrevolutionary Tunisia

(p.194) Chapter Sixteen Religious Freedom in Postrevolutionary Tunisia
Politics of Religious Freedom
Nadia Marzouki
University of Chicago Press

Marzouki considers Nahda’s efforts to include a new provision in the Tunisian constitution recognizing sharia as “the main source of legislation” and limiting freedom of expression on certain religious grounds. The right to religious freedom has not been the driving force in the Tunisian revolution nor has it been prominent in the discourse of the ruling Islamist political party, Nahda. Rather than religious freedom, Nahda and Tunisian intellectuals are redefining Islam as the dominant ethical and cultural resource for Tunisian political life.

Keywords:   Tunisia, Nahda, Sharia, Arab spring, constitutions, North Africa, Islamist politics

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