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Between the Dishes

Between the Dishes

(p.21) Chapter One Between the Dishes
A Feast for the Eyes
Christina Normore
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the entremet, a category of artistic production common in banquets that combines live performances, sculpture, painting, automata and food. Entremets are both highlighted in narrative accounts of feasting and described in contemporary cookbooks, allowing for an assessment of both their reception and production. The combination of elements in entremets challenges modern assumptions concerning the boundaries between animate and inanimate, static and time-based media. The variety of technical skills needed for these productions required collaboration at all levels of production from planning to execution. This collaborative practice is contextualized as part of a larger late medieval artistic culture in which successful group production allowed individual artists as well as patrons to garner honour.

Keywords:   entremets, multimedia, collaboration, animation, Chiquart, Taillevent

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