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(p.119) 4 Time
John Corrigan
University of Chicago Press

American Christians claim to be able to feel time with the soul. They often have professed a feeling of historical time as empty time, and eternity as the fullness of time. Many American Christian groups have embraced apocalypticism and have expressed their feelings of empty time in concert with their expectation of an imminent end of the world. Historical time is felt as empty paradoxically because it is full of lusts, corruption, and vanities. Catholic and Protestant denominations, including groups such as the Shakers, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, have embraced an assortment of apocalyptic scenarios that imagine a paradoxical simultaneous existence within both empty and full time. Racial time differs from the time of whites and correlates with a different kind of apocalypticism.

Keywords:   time, emptiness, apocalyptic, racial time, history, eternity

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