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Entr̓Acte: This Fallacy Which Is Not One

Entr̓Acte: This Fallacy Which Is Not One

(p.109) Entr̓Acte: This Fallacy Which Is Not One
Murder by Accident
Jody Enders
University of Chicago Press

This chapter revaluates the concept of intentional fallacy in relation to the accidental deaths related to the theater discussed in the first part of this volume. It suggests that there is no intentional fallacy when it comes to the theater by looking to the critical (mis)fortunes of the intentional fallacy itself. This chapter also argues that the text-bound dismissal of intentionality reveals an almost agentless quality that is characterized by three fallacies of logic and morality alike.

Keywords:   intentional fallacy, accidental deaths, theater, intentionality, logic, morality

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