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The Final Run-Through

The Final Run-Through

(p.47) 2 The Final Run-Through
Murder by Accident
Jody Enders
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the case of Perrin Le Roux, a stagehand who was accidentally killed by Fremin Severin during a rehearsal of the play Miracle of Théophile in June 1384. This is similar to the case of Guillaume Langlois in terms of special effects gone awry and the king's absolution. This chapter suggests that Severin's case not only provided insights into the nature of both work performance and legal work product, it also justifies the assertion that there is no such thing as accidental impersonation. It also argues that this case concept of the rehearsal makes sense only in light of intentionality.

Keywords:   Perrin Le Roux, accidental death, Fremin Severin, play rehearsal, Miracle of Théophile, special effects, accidental impersonation, intentionality

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