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Behind the Seen: All Hell Breaks Loose

Behind the Seen: All Hell Breaks Loose

(p.29) 1 Behind the Seen: All Hell Breaks Loose
Murder by Accident
Jody Enders
University of Chicago Press

This chapter discusses the case of stagehand Guillaume Langlois who in March 1830 was obliged to account for his role in the accidental death by cannon-fire of his friend and colleague Jehan Hemont. It discusses Langlois' recollection of the events and King Charles' decision to absolve him of all criminal wrongdoing in the fatal accident that had caused the death of his friend Jehan. This chapter explains that this case raised serious legal questions about liability, responsibility and morality at the theater and it is also relevant to the four types of intentionality, which include actual, achieved, declared, and perceived intentions.

Keywords:   Guillaume Langlois, accidental death, cannon-fire, Jehan Hemont, stagehand, theater, liability, intentionality, responsibility, morality

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