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Rethinking Migration and Place

Rethinking Migration and Place

(p.249) Conclusion: Rethinking Migration and Place
The Remittance Landscape
Sarah Lynn Lopez
University of Chicago Press

From the remittance landscape to remittance urbanism, this book documents a socio-spatial continuum between the material environments of rural Mexico and urban USA that reframes how we think about both migration and places. The findings from this study extend globalization theories that spatialize flows of global and transnational capital, identifying the restructured relationships between urban environments. Remittance capital sent “from below” makes visible distant connections between places. This conclusion identifies the trajectories of remittance construction as socio-spatial practices and their consequences for migrants, hometowns, and arrival cities. It also posits future directions for research on remittance landscapes and spaces across the globe.

Keywords:   remittance landscape, remittance urbanism, globalization, place, from below

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