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Tres por Uno

Tres por Uno

The Spatial Legacy of Remittance Policy

(p.71) 2 Tres por Uno
The Remittance Landscape
Sarah Lynn Lopez
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines the Mexican state’s intervention into remittance building practices (often referred to as remittance development) through a spatial analysis of their Tres Por Uno (3x1) program. Despite its democratic and transparent nature, 3x1 creates a top-down institutional space that channels emigrants’ informal remittances sent through Hometown Associations to government projects that migrants initiate but do not fully control. Ultimately, the 3x1 program extends the logic of the remittance house: stretching communities across disparate geographies can result in material change at home. Yet as the unit of analysis shifts from family to community and an increasing number of actors are involved, more is at stake and the complexities and consequences of long-distance building are amplified. This chapter argues that a spatial analysis of 3x1 reveals a remittance development model that formalizes migrant building practices and institutionalizes their roles as long-distance hometown boosters.

Keywords:   Tres Por Uno, Hometown Associations, HTAs, remittance, formalization, remittance development, migrants

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