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The Remittance House

The Remittance House

Dream Homes at a Distance

(p.35) 1 The Remittance House
The Remittance Landscape
Sarah Lynn Lopez
University of Chicago Press

This chapter examines how the rise of the “remittance house” changes transnational migrant dwelling practices, rural construction markets, and long-distance architectural practices. A study of the remittance house as envisioned, as built, and as inhabited or experienced in the state of Jalisco reveals a disjuncture between the remittance house as a utopian ideal and as a reality. Formal analysis of building plans, material studies of finishes, and building assemblies and furnishings are paired with ethnographic and familial histories to understand the intentions of builders, and the long-term effects of projects.

Keywords:   remittance house, dwelling, transnational, architecture, remitting

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