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What Governance Change Can and Cannot Accomplish

What Governance Change Can and Cannot Accomplish

(p.117) 9 What Governance Change Can and Cannot Accomplish
A Democratic Constitution for Public Education
Paul T. HillAshley E. Jochim
University of Chicago Press

This chapter describes how communities with low-performing conventional public school systems could make the transition to Constitutional governance. It notes that a number of major cities are already moving in these directions. More than 30 cities have adopted the “portfolio strategy,” which entails choice for all families, school autonomy; pupil based funding; search outside the school district for new talent; the end of the central office monopoly on support for schools; performance-based accountability; and extensive public engagement. Though the portfolio strategy cities are a long way from implementing the constitutional governance system outlined in this book, they are making progress toward it. This is not to say that the practical changes needed for constitutional governance of K-12 public education will be easy to accomplish. To the contrary, they will be wrenching and conflict laden.

Keywords:   transition, portfolio strategy, choice, school autonomy, talent, support for schools, performance-based accountability, conflict

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