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Constitutional Governance

Constitutional Governance

(p.24) 3 Constitutional Governance
A Democratic Constitution for Public Education
Paul T. HillAshley E. Jochim
University of Chicago Press

Chapter 3 develops the idea of constitutionally-limited local governance of K-12 public education. It describes an alternative to the current school board, the Community Education Council. The Council's primary mission would be ensuring that every child in the city has at least one and preferably many high quality schooling options. It also shows how the Community Education Council can achieve its mission more effectively if it does not have the power to hire or promote teachers and principals, to set their pay and working conditions, to intervene in personnel actions and internal disputes, or in other ways to undermine school's autonomy and accountability for student results.

Keywords:   constitutionally limited governance, Community Education Council, powers, schooling options, hiring, pay, working conditions, school autonomy, accountability

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