Dandyism in the Age of RevolutionThe Art of the Cut

Dandyism in the Age of RevolutionThe Art of the Cut

Elizabeth Amann

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780226187259

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


This study explores a series of dandy figures that emerged in France, Spain and Britain during the period of the French Revolution: the muscadins, jeunes gens and incroyables in France, the currutacos in Spain and the crops in England. Examining newspaper debates, vaudeville theater, satirical prints, pamphlets and treatises, it traces how these new types responded to the revolutionary moment from which they were born and introduced a fundamental shift in our conception of dandyism. Though often regarded as a disengaged or purely aesthetic figure, the dandy assumed in the 1790s new political roles and meanings as self-fashioning became an ideologically charged act. This study seeks to understand this new form of dandyism in light of the fashions of revolution and revolutions of fashion during this period.