The Atlantic Divide in AntitrustAn Examination of US and EU Competition Policy

The Atlantic Divide in AntitrustAn Examination of US and EU Competition Policy

Daniel J. Gifford and Robert T. Kudrle

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9780226176109

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


This book aims to resolve a puzzle: how can two systems of competition law and policy, whose enforcement and judicial institutions employ similar concepts and legal language, reach very different results on a number of current, significant antitrust issues? The most important provisions of the Sherman Act and the competition sections of the Treaty Founding the European Union are striking similar, but a combination of differences in social values, political institutions, and legal precedent retard close convergence. The work explores the main contested areas of contemporary antitrust: mergers, price discrimination, predatory pricing, exclusive supply, conditional rebating, and intellectual property in the context of dynamic competition. In each area we focus on how the prevalent antitrust analyses differ between the EU and the U.S., the policy ramifications of these differences, and how the analyses used by the enforcement authorities or the courts in each of these areas relate to those in other areas. The book also tracks several substantive themes that appear across the chapters, such as pricing incentives and constraints, welfare effects, and whether competition tends to be viewed as an efficiency generating process or as rivalry. We conclude with forecasts and suggestions about how greater compatibility if not convergence might ultimately be attained.