Producer DynamicsNew Evidence from Micro Data

Producer DynamicsNew Evidence from Micro Data

Timothy Dunne, J. Jensen, and Mark J. Roberts

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780226172569

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


The Census Bureau has recently begun releasing official statistics that measure the movements of firms in and out of business and workers in and out of jobs. The economic analyses in this book exploit this newly available data on establishments, firms, and workers, to address issues in industrial organization, labor, growth, macroeconomics, and international trade. The volume brings together a group of economists to probe topics such as firm dynamics across countries; patterns of employment dynamics; firm dynamics in nonmanufacturing industries such as retail, health services, and agriculture; employer-employee turnover from matched worker/firm data sets; and turnover in international markets.

Table of Contents

Introduction Producer Dynamics

Timothy Dunne, J. Bradford Jensen, and Mark J. Roberts

I Cross-country Comparison of Producer Dynamics

1 Measuring and Analyzing Cross-Country Differences in Firm Dynamics

Eric Bartelsman, John Haltiwanger and Stefano Scarpetta

II Employment Dynamics

4 Business Employment Dynamics

Richard L. Clayton and James R. Spletzer

5 The LEHD Infrastructure Files and The Creation of The Quarterly Workforce Indicators

John M. Abowd, Bryce E. Stephens, Lars Vilhuber,Fredrik Andersson, Kevin L. McKinney, Marc Roemer, and Simon Woodcock

III Sector Studies of Producer Turnover

6 The Role of Retail

Ronald S. Jarmin, Shawn D. Klimek and Javier Miranda

7 Entry, Exit, and Labor Productivity in U. K. Retailing

Jonathan Haskel and Raffaella Sadun

8 The Dynamics of Market Structure and Market Size in Two Health Services Industries

Timothy Dunne, Shawn D. Klimek, Mark J. Roberts, and Daniel Yi Xu

9 Measuring the Dynamics of Young and Small Businesses

Steven J. Davis, John Haltiwanger, Ronald S. Jarmin, C. J. Krizan, Javier Miranda, Alfred Nucci, and Kristin Sandusky

10 Producer Dynamics in Agriculture Empirical Evidence

Mary Clare Ahearn, Penni Korb, and Jet Yee

IV Employer-Employee Dynamics

11 Ownership Change, Productivity, and Human Capital

Donald S. Siegel, Kenneth L. Simons, and Tomas Lindstrom

12 The Link between Human Capital, Mass Layoffs, and Firm Deaths

John M. Abowd, Kevin L. McKinney,, and Lars Vilhuber

13 The Role of Fringe Benefits in Employer and Workforce Dynamics

Anja Decressin, Tomeka Hill, Kristin Mccue, and Martha Stinson

V Producer Dynamics in International Markets

14 Importers, Exporters, and Multinationals

Andrew B. Bernard, J. Bradford Jensen, and Peter K. Schott