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Integrating Diversified Strategies on a Single Ranch

Integrating Diversified Strategies on a Single Ranch

From Renewable Energy and Multiple Breeds to Conservation Easements

(p.227) 12 Integrating Diversified Strategies on a Single Ranch
Stitching the West Back Together
Dennis Moroney
University of Chicago Press

By implementing a strategy of livestock diversification, on-site energy generation, wildlife habitat improvement and conservation, watershed management, formal and informal education activities, cooperative and collaborative partnerships, and conservation easement designation, the 47 Ranch in southern Arizona is a model of adaptability and resilience for sustainable ranching in the Southwest. Cattle genetically adapted to local rangelands thrive on natural grasslands at the ranch, along with sheep and goats. A conservation easement purchased by the Arizona Game and Fish Department with funds from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ensures a cash payment sufficient to pay off the ranch mortgage and perpetual protection of wildlife and rangeland habitat with no loss of water rights or usefulness of the land for current or future generations. The proactive and collaborative approach adopted by the 47 Ranch is intended to provide adaptability and sustainability for southwest ranching in an evolving economic and climatic landscape.

Keywords:   47 Ranch, livestock diversification, renewable energy, conservation easement, adaptability, sustainable ranching

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