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Stewardship Contracting in the Siuslaw National Forest

Stewardship Contracting in the Siuslaw National Forest

(p.159) 9 Stewardship Contracting in the Siuslaw National Forest
Stitching the West Back Together
Shiloh SundstromJohnny Sundstrom
University of Chicago Press

In the 1990s, environmental concerns and a declining timber market expanded the focus of the U.S. Forest Service from timber harvesting to include restoration, species protection, and recreation. To address the loss of income from reduced timber sales, the concept of stewardship contracting arose: it allows national forests and Bureau of Land Management districts to combine timber sale and service provisions into a single contract with private or other public entities. They emphasize comprehensive forest and rangeland restoration, close working relations between federal agencies and communities, and local economic growth and sustainable development. The Suislaw National Forest participated in a pilot program. The Suislaw Stewardship Group formed to assist the Forest Service in complying with the stewardship authority’s mandate for collaboration with the community. Representatives from multiple interests advised the Forest Service on restoration projects that could be funded through timber sales. Numerous restoration projects have now been completed.

Keywords:   stewardship contracting, Suislaw National Forest, U.S. Forest Service, forest restoration, timber sales, sustainable development

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