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The Conservation Fund’s Garcia River Forest, California

The Conservation Fund’s Garcia River Forest, California

(p.155) Spotlight 8.1 The Conservation Fund’s Garcia River Forest, California
Stitching the West Back Together
Chris Kelly
University of Chicago Press

The 24,000-acre Garcia River Forest, about 100 miles north of San Francisco, is a coastal redwood/Douglas fir forest owned by The Conservation Fund (TCF), a national nonprofit organization that engages in land conservation projects that balance ecological and economic goals and addresses the priorities of the local organizations with whom it partners. TCF purchased the forest in 2004 from industrial timber companies using public and private grants, a conservation easement, and donations. The forest is now managed for continued—but now ecologically sensitive—selective timber harvesting; 35% of the forest has been set aside as an ecologic reserve network. The forest is also California’s first working forest to be managed for producing carbon offsets for the voluntary carbon market; more than 77,000 tons of carbon emissions are being offset annually and the sale of offset credits has doubled net revenues from the forest.

Keywords:   Garcia River Forest, The Conservation Fund, working forest, carbon offset, carbon market, ecological reserve network

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