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Arcata Community Forest

Arcata Community Forest

(p.137) Spotlight 7.1 Arcata Community Forest
Stitching the West Back Together
Mark Andre
University of Chicago Press

Northern California’s Arcata Community Forest (ACF) is owned by the residents of the city of Arcata and managed jointly by the city’s Natural Resources Division of the Environmental Services department and residents. It is certified under the Forest Stewardship Council and the Forest Guild. The second-growth redwood/Douglas fir forest was purchased by the city in the early-mid 1900s.Now it is managed for ecological forestry and sustained yield. Management objectives include maintaining forest health, specifically protection of the watershed, wildlife, fisheries, and plant resources; producing marketable forest products and income to the city; providing recreational opportunities; and promoting the forest as a model for managed redwood forests. The forest is managed for carbon sequestration and a portion of it is registered under the California Climate Action Reserve. Additions to the ACF will be purchased strategically to prioritize habitat protection and linkage to other public open spaces.

Keywords:   Arcata Community Forest, Forest Stewardship Council, Forest Guild, ecological forestry, carbon sequestration, California Climate Action Reserve, habitat protection

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